Mate is the first-born of three children in the family of Nikola and Andjelka Divić. 1959 .... the family started building its family house on the spot now occupied by the hotel. Mate, who was 19 years old at the time, made a prophecy to his father, Nikola, that the house will be torn down and replaced by a family hotel - which happened 13 years later.


1972 ... in the late autumn, the family house was demolished and the construction of the family hotel commenced. Unfortunately, due to extremely complicated political circumstances, the hotel remained unfinished. However, a complete ground floor with the restaurant and six rooms was finished and opened, which was enough for Bacchus Restaurant to become an iconic restaurant of Makarska Riviera. From the opening of the Restaurant until the end of 1991, Mate used to spend his summers working in Bacchus, and his winter seasons working in Switzerland.


In 1991, the tragic war that devastated this area put on hold the dreams of finishing the hotel and forced the family to wait for better days, and it turned out to be a long wait before the war-destroyed tourist market recovered.


2002 ... Mate made a "now or never" decision, but his parents Andjelka and Nikola were no longer there. Mate and his wife Mirjana, together with the new generation - Matej, Nikolina and Andjelko - were the new core of the family. .


2003… June 21st marked the opening of a long desired Hotel Villa Bacchus, built thanks to the great persistence and passion of the Divić family, who wish you a cordial welcome to their pride, their hotel. Many thanks to all who, in any way, participated in making this dream a reality, especially our parents - grandmother Anđelka and grandfather Nikola - who both left their mark on this project.


We named our the hotel after the Roman god of wine and food - BACCHUS, the counterpart of the Greek god Dionysus, and we did so for a good reason, that being the 250 years of viticulture and olive growing tradition of the Divić family..

Mate & Mirjana, Nikolina, Matej i Anđelo DIVIĆ